Samos Island

Samos Island, Turkey except that the nearest Greek island, offers incredible beauty of the beaches and the nature of its visitors a memorable holiday.

Samos Island (Samos) is located opposite Kusadasi, and every day visitors of the island are increasing. With its historical and natural beauties, we have turned our route to Samos after Chios because of its different alternatives. In June, we discovered Samos Island with Kronikgezgin for three days. For those who live in Samos, where to eat, where to eat, what to eat, I suggest you check out Samos Island Food Guide. In addition, the Greek Cuisine, which I mentioned all the details of the Taste of the Greek: Greek Cuisine, you can recognize the food culture of the Greeks closely. In this guide you will find all the detailed information about the island of Samos.

6 February 2019 Genel
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