Food and drink
The three most beautiful things in life.
Willy Millowitsch (1909-99), German public actor.

Our kitchen
If you want to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, we guarantee that AURA is the right choice …

The meal times as well as the time of breakfast or Aura chef selbtstbestimmt will be handled on the first day of service by our customers, which will often be served on the day.
Mediterranean squeezed olive oil, excellent veggies, salads, cold appetizers will serve the main course.

Fish is indispensable. Aura is served with a variety of fish specialties, matching appetizers and salads on request for its customers.
You will enjoy unforgettable romantic dishes with moonlight and glittering stars.

Preparing and presenting the dishes determined by our customers is a pleasure for our Aura kitchen team.

A few examples of our meals:

• Olive oil specialties
• roast
• Stuffed vine leaves / wrapping
• Stuffed peppers / zucchini
• Pasta / Burek
• bread / finger food
• fish / shellfish / shrimp
• Meat dishes, grilled
• Cold Appetizers
• Sweet desserts
• pastries

With our AURA team, our AURA chef will be happy to help AURA customers prepare and serve these carefully selected dishes …!
Now we wish you a good appetite!