Göcek – Fethiye

Going between the islands of Gocek and the islands of Gocek, you will not miss the rock tombs of the Lycian period. Göbün is located at a distance of 8.4 dm from the center of Göcek. There is also a mooring place, a restaurant, historic place and breakwater. The largest of the islands in the Gulf is Tersane Island, the remains of the ancient Greek settlement are seen on this island. There are also remains of a shipyard and watchtower. There is also a restaurant here. There are ruins of a Byzantine monastery, some of which are under water, near the pier, in the summer baths in the Klopatra Baths. Yassica Islands or Yassıcalar seven side by side, there are no facilities on the small flat island. It is preferred by the families with children because of the sandy beach and the natural, shallow pool which is the extension of the island to the far end of the island. In Yassıcalar, it is possible to catch the moonlight. Göcek Island, which is 10 minutes away from Göcek, is the most important choice for those who do not want to go on boat tours since it is the closest beach to Göcek center. From the morning hours until the evening, Göcek beach band departed from the boat, the passengers are brought to this island. The island has a facility to meet your needs such as food, wc, shower. It is possible to camp in the bay, under the canopy trees, to calm corners and rest for hours.

6 February 2019 Route
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