Astipalaia: Partly shaped like a butterfly, partly due to its terrestrial beauty, it was nicknamed the ğ Butterfly of the Aegean Ast. For those who want to travel to Sapa, this is a corner from heaven. In Dodecanese, the southeastern coast of the Aegean (not some like Cyclades), there is an island full of portraits and emotions. With its crystal-clear water, sun-washed beaches, historical heritage and hospitable people, it can continue to live forever in this white light island.

What to do in Astipalaia?
Although it may seem like a traditional Cycladic horde, this island actually belongs to Twelve islands. The famous castle, splendid landscapes of the Aegean, windmills and lime whitewashed houses form an extraordinary traditional settlement. Hora, which the locals call Astropalia in their dialects, is the largest city of the island, offering various options in terms of food and entertainment.

Castle on the hill
At the top of the hill, the famous stone fortress of Astypalaia towers on Hora is a special attraction. Built by the Quirinni family in the 13th century, this castle was a typical sheltered settlement built to protect the pirates. However, as the island’s population grew, the houses exceeded the castle’s borders and spread to the slopes. Nowadays, the borders of the hill and the port of Pera Gialos expanded.

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